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Action Systems, a Division of V & A Incorporated, is an innovator and world leader in mobile computing and communications products. For over 10 years Action Systems has created unique products that enable persons in a very mobile work force to create valuable work product – literally anywhere in the world, then communicate this product back to a designated location. It is then included in a database that provides insights for enterprise level solutions.

In the over 10 years that The I.DE.A Corporation has been designing and manufacturing systems for Action Systems they have received six United States and International Patents for the innovations in Action Systems Products.

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As a systems integration company, our strength is the ability to create a "Custom COTS Solution" for each application, using our system to create an effective tool for a specific userís tasks. There are five basic concepts we follow in our product development:

  1. "Best Value" Commercial off The Shelf (COTS) based products: We provide a solution that utilizes proven existing technology to the maximum extent possible, minimizing the non-recurring engineering costs and lowering the cost of individual components. One of our core customers had been procuring systems from a major systems integrator for $95,000 per system until we proposed and delivered a more powerful replacement system at a cost of $15,000 each.
  2. "State of the Market" approach: We define "state of the market" products as those COTS products that have been in the market for 3 to 6 months and have had at least one service pack release or design revision. These are compared to the "state of the art" products that have specification sheets that "overstate" the product. This trade-off allows us to get more reliable performance at a better price.
  3. "Platform Design": Our system design is always such that a variety of components can be supported in the same physical space with the power system provided. We include adjustable power supplies, a module switch and connection modules so that the customer can not only define a custom solution for the initial purchase, but can also have a cost-effective program of "planned product improvement" – utilizing the case for more than one generation of products.
  4. Enterprise Solutions: We look for customers that are fielding the mobile element of an operational problem. We typically do not look for, nor do we try to sell to, individual persons looking for a computer in a box. The effort and expense we put forth for configuration control and configuration management is really only cost effective in an enterprise environment. The typical environment includes anywhere from 30 systems, with enviroments of a few thousand very possible.
  5. Typical Customer Profile: The typical customer is looking for a valuable work product, and has a need for a timely delivery with the possibility of intergration into a much larger database.