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Read what people that are using our systems are saying...
Excerpts from Counterintelligence and HUMINT by David D. Perkins

"The first lesson learned was that you will learn 100 things a day in the first 3 to 6 months of most contingency operations. The second lesson learned is that you must try to write down at least 1 of those 100 things you learned every day....The CI and HUMINT soldiers, with their computers, were able to capture numerous lessons learned."

"The use of low-cost, COTS information technologies proved to be a critical tool for the CI and HUMINT operator. Technology had never been used on this scale to support CI and HUMINT activities. One of the most significant CI and tactical HUMINT innovations was the TRRIP, which has paid great dividends in Bosnia. The TRRIP hardware and software suite provided a robust automated/data acquisition package that ensured timely reporting and product dissemination to commanders at the battalion, brigade, and task force level, as well as to national and theater consumers."

Excerpts from The ARSON INTERVENTION and MITIGATION STRATEGY 2000 by Ken Kuntz, Dick Garner, and Dr. David J. Icove

"On April 19, 1995 domestic terrorists destroyed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The subsequent multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional crime scene investigation activities made it painfully obvious that large-scale criminal event investigations required more information management sophistication than was currently available. ... The need for this capability was emphasized on September 11, 2001 when terrorists attacked both the World Trade Center and the Pentagon."

"AIMS 2000 is a unique and evolving initiative between the Federal Emergency Management Agency / U.S. Fire Administration (FEMA / USFA), the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Police, and other public and private sector partnership participants. The partnership is intended to dramatically enhance the investigative efficiency and effectiveness of fire / arson unit investigative personnel, utilizing functionally adapted "military technology transfers" and "Commercial Off the Shelf" (C.O.T.S.) system components and applications, in cost effective "interoperable" configurations."

Excerpts from Introdution to CHATS and CHASIS by Richard S. Eaton

"The heralded success of the Theater Rapid Response Intelligence Package (TRRIP) in Bosnia, Haiti, and elsewhere gave rise to the development of the Army's counterintelligence/human intelligence (CI/HUMINT) Automated Tool Set (CHATS), the newest member of the All-Source Analysis System (ASAS) family. CHATS is a cen- trally issued Army hardware and software suite designed to meet the unique requirements of CI/HUMINT teams operating in diverse operational environments."

"The days of painfully slow CI/HUMINT collection management and reporting using outdated tactical voice communications, facsimile or, the more common default, courier are numbered."

Excerpts from Small, Mobile Computer Offers Intelligence Community Boon by Seán Patrick Burgess

"An untethered mobile computing approach is making it easier for the intelligence community and criminal investigation organizations to clandestinely gather, process and disseminate vital information from far afield. Highly flexible and compact, an integrated computing and communications system promises to change the definition of mobile information processing, while offering remote sensing and digital imagery applications."

"The day of "man-portable" signifying anything that a person can screw six handles on and throw in the back of a truck is giving way to the truly mobile office that fits inside airline carry-on luggage. Printers, scanners, digital cameras, extra data storage devices and even satellite transmitters with miniature antennas can be bundled with a standard notebook computer. Packaged inside manageable travel bags, this equipment allows access to all of the resources necessary to accomplish a job--regardless of location."