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Develcon 500 Data Compression

Product Specs


IP/IPX Routing
Bridging all Other Protocols
ISDN Network Access
STAC Compression
IP & IPX Protocol Spoofing
Voice & Fax Interfaces
Internet Feature Set
Data-Call Preemption
NetSAFE Firewall Security
NetWizard Configuration GUI
PPP-MP Internet
PPP-MP Interoperability
ISDN PPP Switched / Permanent Channels
ISDN Digital Leased Circuit 128k
Telnet and SNMP Management

Need to Network?

Develcon's 500 Router provides unprecedented flexibility and versatility to network administrators. In a modestly priced package, you can now connect any number of LAN users to a remote central LAN, to a corporate Intranet, or to the worldwide Internet. Users can remotely access and transfer files, send and receive e-mail, forward print jobs and even surf the Net. In the process, you can reduce the number of phone lines (with optional voice ports), combining data, or voice, and fax traffic onto a single ISDN line.

Threefold Cost-Effectiveness

Your Develcon 500 cuts cost three ways. First, unparalleled price-performance means you save on acquisition costs. Second, our Data Compression algorithm (Stac LZS) can increase link throughput by as much as 600%, allowing you to send data faster by virtue of dramatically reduced connect times. Third, the "Spoofing" feature eliminates idle on-line time by suspending the line when inactivity (user-defined in duration) is detected, automatically reactivating the line when live data begins to flow.