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Mykotronx KIV-7

Product Specs

Mykotronx’s KIV-7 modules are compact, economical, high-performance, and userfriendly COMSEC devices specifically designed to meet users' needs for secure data communication links. The KIV-7HSA protects classified and sensitive digital Type I data transmissions at data rates up to 2.048 Mbps, while the KIV-7HS supports data rates of 1.544 Mbps. Both are compliant with Government directives NACSI 6002 and DoD Instruction 5210.74.

Interoperable with any previously installed KG-84 devices, either KIV-7 model is compatible with Government standard KG-84, KG-84A, and KG-84C data encryption equipment in both secure and over-the-air rekey (OTAR) modes.

Both the KIV-7HSA and KIV-7HS protect a broad spectrum of point-to-point, netted, and broadcast data links. Plaintext header bypass allows initial modem setup, without reconfiguration, prior to secure traffic operation. An integrated remote control interface enables management of up to 30 remote units via a single KIV-7 via an independent secure link. A user-friendly menu interface simplifies access to all operational features.

The KIV-7HSA fill interface is compatible with both DS-101 (AN/CYZ- 10 DID) and DS- 102 (KYK- 13, KYX- 15, KOI- 18) electronic keying, devices. Storage for up to ten traffic encryption keys simplifies multi-net communication. A removable Crypto-Ignition Key (CIK) prevents unauthorized access and protects all of the internally stored keys. Advanced key management features support the current key distribution system and can be adapted for the emerging Electronic Key Management System (EKMS), while providing the added flexibility necessary for managing operational keys.

With the KIV-7, very large scale integration, surface-mount technology, and innovative packaging result in space efficiency, low cost, and high reliability. The unit provides the level of COMSEC equipment integration and miniaturization necessary for today’s fixed, semi-fixed, and mobile office environments. Its standard half-height disk-drive configuration is ideal for desktop, embedded, or rack installations, and its EIA-530 and RS-232 data interfaces and standard D-type connectors simplifysystem integration.

Features and Benefits
  • "Commercial off-the-shelf" Type 1 data encryption
  • KG-84/84A/84C Interoperability
  • Universal half-height computer peripheral configuration
  • User-friendly menu-based operator interface
  • Non-volatile storage of multiple user-defined configurations
  • Standard D-type rear panel interface connectors
  • Synchronous data rates to 2.048 Mbps (KIV-7HSA) or 1.544 Mbps (KIV-7HS)
  • Flexible key management interface, including DS-101/102
  • Crypto-Ignition-Key (CIK) protection of internally stored keys
  • Cryptographic remote command and status interface
  • Plaintcxt header bypass mode for initial modem setup/dialing
  • Low-power 5 V DC operation
  • Compliant with NSA COMSEC and TEMPEST requirements
KEY MANAGEMENT Load, Transfer V-to-X, Variable Update, Display Variable Update Count, Zeroize, Change Z-Key, Transmit/Receive Rekey
KEY STORAGE 10 Operational TEKs (X01-X10)
COMMUNICATION MODES Full Duplex; Full Duplex Independent (KIV-7HSA only), Transmit Only; Receive Only; 2-Wire Simplex, 4-Wire Simplex
SYNCHRONIZATION MODES Redundant, Non-Redundant, External, OP2, ACTI, ACT2, HF
DATA RATE Internal: Up to 288K bps, sync. or async.
External: Up to 2.048 Mbps (T1)
ELECTRICAL INTERFACES Selectable: EIA-530 (RS-499); RS-232; RS-422/423
POWER 5 V DC ± 5%
Consumption: 3 W typical; 5 W maximum
TEMMPERATURES Operating: O°C to 55°C
Storage: -40°C to 85°C
SIZE & WEIGHT 1.68" H; 5.88" W; 8.0" D. 3 pounds.
MTBF (@ 25° C) >77,000 hrs. (ground benign environment)
>17,000 hrs. (naval sheltered environment)
MTTR Replacement Time: 15 minutes