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Klas PCMCIA Modem - KIV-7

Product Specs

The Complete Solution for the KIV-7

KlasHopper KIV-7 PCMCIA Card

What is KlasHopper?
KlasHopper makes it easy to browse the Internet, transfer files, send and receive emails and perform real-time videoconferencing using a PC connected to a KIV-7. KlasHopper is a PC card that easily installs in a laptop or desktop PC. KlasHopper supports all popular Windows operating systems including Windows 95/98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Easy To Use
Traditionally, setting up an encrypted communications channel with a PC has been very complex. KlasHopper is designed specifically with ease of use in mind. It replaces a complex router with a mobile, portable and easy to use solution designed specifically for the KIV-7. It installs in minutes and appears in Dial-Up Networking just like a regular modem. KlasHopper comes with user guides containing detailed configuration instructions for many typical networking scenarios with the KIV-7.

Not Needed At Both Ends
KlasHopper is not required at both ends of the connection and can communicate with existing KIV-7 installations. It can connect to any remote device including routers and popular ISDN Terminal Adapters that support PPP. Therefore, the user can connect to KIV-7 encrypted sites that may not be using KlasHopper.

Includes All Necessary Cables
KlasHopper is supplied with KIV-7 red and black cables as standard. The KIV-7 comes with a 37 pin connector which requires dedicated cables. KlasHopper includes integrated cables that connect directly from the PC to the KIV-7. Cables to connect the KIV-7 to the ISDN Terminal Adapter are also included.

Configuration Software for Popular ISDN Terminal Adapters
The KIV-7 is an encryption device that does not include any communications capability. It requires an external ISDN Terminal Adapter to connect to the ISDN or satellite network. The Terminal Adapter needs to be configured to support the KIV-7. This configuration is difficult and requires the user to manually enter a series of commands. Klas solves this problem by offering a single-key software utility which automatically configures the Terminal Adapter for the desired KIV-7 mode.

High Speed (64K/128K)
KlasHopper is the only card of its kind that supports full duplex data transfer rates up to 128K. KlasHopper uses a special optimized algorithm designed specifically to provide higher throughputs. This allows a user make maximum use of their ISDN or satellite channels to send data at 64K or 128K.

Supports Popular Networking Applications
KlasHopper supports standard email, networking, file transfer and videoconferencing applications including Outlook, Outlook Express and Internet Explorer. KlasHopper works with all standard networking protocols including PPP, TCP/IP, NetBEUI and IPX/SPX.

Connecting PC applications to a secure network with a KIV-7 over satellite and ISDN
Diagram showing Klashopper card connected to KIV-7 communication over satellite

PC to PC file transfer and videoconferencing with a KIV-7 over satellite and ISDN
Diagram showing PC-to-PC file transfer with a KIV-7 over satellite

pdf Download detailed specifications in PDF format.