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Klas Peer2Peer Software

Product Specs

Making PC encryption easier

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What is KlasPeer2Peer?
KlasPeer2Peer is a file transfer, videoconferencing and networking software suite designed specifically for the STE, KIV-7 and BRENT. It makes it easy to dial and answer a call for PC to PC based file transfer and videoconferencing. It also includes application sharing, remote control, whiteboard and chat to get the most out of an encrypted conference. KlasPeer2Peer is ideal for the non-technical user as it includes a simple user interface for establishing a point to point link. KlasPeer2Peer is designed to work at 64K and 128K over satellite and ISDN networks. KlasPeer2Peer works with all popular Windows operating systems including Windows 95/98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0* and Windows 2000/XP.

File Transfer - Fast and Easy to Use
KlasPeer2Peer makes it easy to transfer files over an encrypted link. This is ideal for the mobile user who wants to send large or small amounts of data from the field. The user can send and receive files of any type including still images, Word documents and captured video. The user is presented with a simple user interface that makes it easy to transfer files to the remote PC. File transfer is faster than email for sending large amounts of data.

Videoconferencing - Works with any Standard PC
Simply attach a standard webcamera and headset to your PC for real-time encrypted videoconferencing. This is a mobile and convenient way of communicating in the field. It is specifically designed for limited bandwidth environments such as ISDN and satellite links. Because KlasPeer2Peer works with any standard laptop, it does not require a dedicated videoconferencing unit. This is perfect for the mobile user who wants to limit the amount of hardware required to make a videoconferencing call. Videoconferencing can also be used without a webcamera for audio-only communication - this is particularly suitable for encryption devices such as the KIV-7 that do not have built-in voice features.

Networking - Turn your PC into an Encrypted Server
KlasPeer2Peer makes it easy to configure a PC as an encrypted dial-in server. It automatically monitors the attached STE, KIV-7 or BRENT for indications of an incoming call. When a remote user connects, KlasPeer2Peer will answer the call and automatically assign all required networking resources. This allows a non-technical user to easily transform their PC into an encrypted server.

Application Sharing, Remote Control, Whiteboard and Chat
KlasPeer2Peer allows users to share applications in real-time. This is designed for two users who want to work on the same document together when they are in different locations. Remote Control allows one user to take control of another users' PC for remote support and diagnostics. The whiteboard facility allows two users to exchange ideas by drawing on a graphical screen that updates in real-time on both the local and remote PC. Chat is a simple point to point text-based communications facility for transmitting short messages such as phone numbers.

Still Image Transfer and Store & Forward Video
Using an attached still image camera, it is possible to capture high-quality images in the field and send them using KlasPeer2Peer back to the office. For Store & Forward Video applications, a DV (Digital Video) camera can record live clips in the field and they can be transferred in the same way. These applications are ideal for KlasPeer2Peer with its built-in file transfer component which can transfer files of any type over satellite and ISDN networks.

Network Flexibility - Make Point to Point calls over any Network
KlasPeer2Peer is not confined to satellite and ISDN networks - it can also make point to point calls over PSTN and GSM (cellular) networks. For example, it can make a call from ISDN to satellite, from GSM to PSTN or from ISDN to PSTN. All of these calls can be encrypted using the appropriate encryption device. All of the supported applications including file transfer and videoconferencing are available in these configurations.

PC to PC encrypted file transfer and videoconferencing over satellite and ISDN
Schematic of PC to PC file transfer over satellite

pdf Download detailed specifications in PDF format.