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Motorola Omega

Product Specs

Narrow Band STE Wireline Terminal

Code named "Omega," this will be the first product offered in Motorola's total CONDOR solution set. Utilizing the Sectera Interoperable Security Architecture signaling plan, Narrow Band STE will provide secure Type 1 thru Type 4 wireline connectivity to either wireless or wireline.

The compact, lightweight device interfaces simply with standard desktop handsets or attaches to a PC. The small footprint allows it to be used in a stationary environment with minimal space, or as a portable device easily transported to remote or temporary locations. Simply add the Narrow Band STE to your laptop case and your voice and data security travels with you.

Priced less than ISDN-based STE terminals, the Narrow Band STE's low cost enables more users to implement the security they should be using, but could not previously afford. Its simple operation makes secure calling virtually transparent, and improved technology offers voice quality equal to that of a call in the clear.

Narrow Band STE data sheet in pdf file format. (file size 166k)