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Optiva Secure Server

Product Specs

OPtiva Secure Plus has successfully passed NSA security group testing and may be used in conjunction with the Palladium Secure Modem to protect classified data as described in the FORTEZZA® for Classified Policy and Operational Doctrine Update, dated December 30, 1998.

The OPtiva Secure Plus Remote Access Server has been optimized for use with the Palladium Secure Modem, a combination that provides unparalleled remote access security for Government classified data.

The OPtiva Secure Plus Remote Access Server:

  • Provides the growing number of telecommuters, business travelers and after-hours workers with secure, dial-up access to the resources of enterprise networks.
  • Effectively extends the services of IP and Novell IPX LANs to remote users via encrypted, dial-up connections.
  • Affords connected, remote users the same access privileges at home, or on the road, as they have in the office and experience the same network interface regardless of location - a transparency that ensures productivity is maintained while requirements for support are minimized.

Key Features

Remote User Authentication and Authorization

OPtiva Secure Plus controls network access through a variety of complementary authentication and authorization techniques:

  • An internal, password-protected database
  • RADIUS authentication, including challenge / response
  • Netware Bindery support
  • SecureID two-factor authentication
  • Dial-back support


OPtiva Secure Plus is a dedicated server, designed specifically for secure remote access. Its unique architecture offers many benefits, including:

  • Simplified installation and modem cabling.
  • Automatic recognition and configuration of modems as they are installed.
  • Remote modem management, including remote reset.
  • Eight PCMCIA slots - OPtiva will support eight concurrent dial-up connections.
  • The rack-mountable platform also comprises two WAN ports and one auto-sensing Ethernet port.

Client Support

OPtiva offers extended support for third-party client software:

  • Dial-Up Networking included with Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT.
  • DOS and Windows 3.1 client software, part of the OPtiva package, comes with unlimited distribution rights.
  • OPtiva's implementation of asynchronous PPP is compatible with industry-leading TCP/IP software and has been tested with most popular TCP/IP clients.

Server Configuration and Management

OPtiva Secure Plus is provided with OPtiva Manager, a Windows-based management software utility providing simplified Server Configuration and Management functions for the OPtiva Server, Palladium Modems and remote users.

Configuration features

  • Add users and set port characteristics and security parameters with a highly-intuitive interface.
  • Direct connection to its asynchronous console port, via a dial-up connection, or with a Telnet session.

Management features

  • Continuous monitoring of Server ports, modem activity and the status of dial-in users.
  • A tool for centralized management, OPtiva Manager provides detailed information on port usage.
  • Alternatively to OPtiva Manager, the OPtiva Server includes version I and II SNMP agents for compatibility with third-party SNMP managers.