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Palladium Secure Modem

Product Specs

The Palladium Secure Modem has successfully passed National Security Agency security group testing and may be used to protect classified data as described in the FORTEZZA® for Classified Policy and Operational Doctrine Update, dated December 30, 1998.

  • 33.6 KBPS modem with an on-board cryptographic processor providing tamper-resistant, high-assurance, secure communications
  • PCMCIA type 2 device and includes an external Data Acquisition Assembly (DAA) for connection to Telco services
  • Support a variety of modem standards in addition to V.34 for compatibility with older Telco infrastructure. In addition, compatibility with V.42 and MNP™ level 2-4 protocols ensure error-free data transmission
  • Compatible with any PC communications software supporting a Hayes-compatible AT command set

Key Features

The Palladium Secure Modem features two modes of operation; Secure Modem and Fortezza as well as shipping with Certificate Database Manager; a database utility tool.

Secure Modem Mode

In "Secure Modem Mode," The Palladium Secure Modem functions as a V.34 modem, providing secure data communications over standard, analog telephone lines. It employs the Government-approved Skipjack algorithm, part of the FORTEZZA® suite, to encrypt / decrypt all data transmitted across the communications link. An internal access control list resident on each Palladium Secure Modem, and the FORTEZZA® Key Exchange Algorithm (KEA) for public key exchange, together provide an effective means of authenticating both ends of this communications link before it is established. Authentication is achieved only through the successful exchange and verification of Key Material Identification (KMID) information stored on each Palladium Secure Modem. If the KMID information of the "calling" Palladium Secure Modem is not included in the access control list of the "called" Palladium Secure Modem, and vice-versa, the connection will fail. In addition, if the KEA indicates that the Palladium Secure Modem’s X.509 digital certificates are not from the same certificate chain, then the key exchange will fail and the modems will not connect.

Typical applications in Secure Modem Mode include secure remote access and secure PC-to-PC communications and file transfers.

Fortezza Mode

In "FORTEZZA® Mode," the Palladium Secure Modem functions as a "FORTEZZA® Crypto Card", supporting the full range of cryptographic algorithms. In this mode of operation, it can be used with all FORTEZZA®-compatible applications. In either mode, the Palladium Secure Modem requires the user to enter the proper FORTEZZA® PIN prior to use.

A key benefit of the Palladium Secure Modem is that it provides FORTEZZA®-encrypted access to any application, whether this application is "FORTEZZA®-aware" or not.

Certificate Database Manager

Certificate Database Manager is a database utility used to retrieve information from Palladium Secure Modems, and create and maintain their access control [KMID] lists.