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Sony PC110

Product Specs

Main Features
  • DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDING: Offering up to 520 lines of horizontal resolution, 3X color bandwidth, and lower signal-to-noise ratio, to provide stunning video performance.
  • MEGAPIXEL CCD DV HANDYCAM CAMCORDER (1/4" - 1070K PIXELS): 1/4" CCD with 1,070,000 pixels provides stunning detail and clarity, with exceptional video and still image performance.
  • 520 LINES OF HORIZONTAL VIDEO RESOLUTION: Advanced HAD Megapixel CCD technology, combined with Carl Zeiss T* optics provide outstanding video performance with up to 520 horizontal lines of resolution.
  • DIGITAL STILL MEMORY MODE WITH MEMORY STICK® MEDIA: Capture digital still images at 1152 x 864 or 640 x 480 resolution, directly onto Memory Stick® media for easy transfer to PC's for email, printing, or sharing with other compatible Memory Stick® devices.
  • HIGH QUALITY MEGAPIXEL 1152 X 864 STILL IMAGE RESOLUTION: Large, detailed Megapixel quality still image resolution provides unprecedented detail and exceptional quality that is ideal for printing or internet applications.
  • MPEG MOVIE MODE: Capture video and audio directly to Memory Stick® media. Shoot an MPEG Movie "on location" or select up to 60 seconds from your recorded video tape. The Video Email mode is ideal resolution for sharing video (160 x 112) and Presentation mode increases the resolution to 320 x 240.
  • ADVANCED HAD™ CCD TECHNOLOGY: Enhanced CCD design allows more light to reach the imager which reduces video noise to improve signal-to-noise ratio by up to 6db (2x better than a standard CCD). Particularly effective when shooting in dark situations.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY CARL ZEISS™ VARIO-SONNAR T* LENS: Carl Zeiss T* lens have an advanced optical multi-layer coating offering less glare and flare with increased contrast. This results in vivid image brilliance, true-to-life color saturation, and perfect renditions of subtle tones.
  • 10X OPTICAL/120X PRECISION DIGITAL ZOOM: Sony's optical zoom brings the action close up from far away. In addition, precision digital zoom interpolation technology means that extreme digital zooming is cleaner, with less distortion than previous types of digital zoom.
  • 2.5" PRECISION SWIVELSCREEN™ LCD DISPLAY (200K PIXELS): Provides excellent viewing clarity with improved resolution. The 200,000 pixel LCD display makes images sharp and detailed during playback or when monitoring recording.
  • PRECISION COLOR VIEWFINDER (180K PIXELS): Increased pixel count provides more detail and clarity of video subjects.
  • STAMINA® POWER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 8 HOURS (USING OPTIONAL NP-FM91): The Sony DCR-PC110 will record for up to 8 hours or playback for up to 10 hours (with LCD screen off) on a single charge with the optional NP-FM91 battery.
  • INFOLITHIUM® BATTERY WITH ACCUPOWER™ METER SYSTEM: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries mean no " memory effect." Sony's exclusive AccuPower™ meter displays the battery time remaining in minutes, in the viewfinder or LCD screen.
  • SUPER STEADYSHOT® PICTURE STABILIZATION: Eliminates high frequency shake and vibration without compromising picture quality. Super SteadyShot uses motion sensors and a HyperPrecision CCD imager that does not change or degrade the video like some other systems.
  • SUPER NIGHTSHOT™ 0 LUX RECORDING: Capture video even when shooting in total darkness (0 Lux) using the built-in infrared system up to ten feet away. The Super NightShot® mode automatically adjusts the shutter speed to increase picture brightness and clarity.
  • SUPER LASERLINK™ WIRELESS TRANSMISSION SYSTEM: Allows the user to transmit audio and video, via infrared, from the camcorder to the optional IFT-R20 LaserLink® receiver, at a distance of up to 26 feet. The Super LaserLink® system eliminates the need for video cables or adaptors for true worry-free playback.
  • i.LINK™ (IEEE 1394) DV INTERFACE: Allows high speed bi-directional digital communication between any two devices equipped with a IEEE 1394 interface, including camcorders, digital VTRs, capture cards, and PCs.
  • PROGRESSIVE SHUTTER SYSTEM: Mechanical shutter system that provides Progressive Scan performance while utilizing an interlace scanning system. Digital still images will be sharp and clear with excellent definition.
  • ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERSION AND PASS-THROUGH: Convert and/or record any analog NTSC video source to digital video via the DCR-PC110's analog inputs. Analog NTSC video can also be passed through the DCR-PC110 directly to a PC via the I.LINK® interface in real-time for easy PC editing of your analog footage.
  • INTELLIGENT ACCESSORY SHOE: Provides power, on/off, and special operational commands to a variety of Sony Intelligent Accessories via an 8-pin interface. This enables easy synchronized operation between the Handycam® camcorder and such accessories as video lights, infrared lights, and microphones without additional batteries or cables.
  • 16:9 WIDE MODE: Enables you to record and playback in the wide screen 16:9 aspect ratio, for compatibility with the new Digital Television (DTV) standard.
  • USB INTERFACE: Allows for easy connection and fast transfer of digital still images and MPEG Movies from the camera's Memory Stick® media to virtually any PC via supplied USB cable.
  • MGI PHOTOSUITE® AND MGI VIDEOWAVE® SOFTWARE INCLUDED: Windows® OS and Macintosh software that facilitates transfer of digital still images and MPEG Movies from the camera to the PC. Quick and easy interface for PC and camera, with convenient manipulation and catalog features.
Still Image Features
  • MEMORY MIX EFFECTS: Combine still pictures and video to create unique effects in the Handycam® camcorder. Choose from Memory Chroma Key, Camera Chroma Key, and Memory Luminance Key.
  • INTELLIGENT POP-UP FLASH: Allows the user to capture great looking still images in challenging lighting situations. The DCR-PC110's intelligent flash allows users to choose from four modes depending on their shooting environment: auto, auto red-eye reduction, forced flash, no flash.
Other Features
  • 8 PICTURE EFFECTS: For creative enhancements. Choose from Black & White, Sepia, Negative Art, Solarization, Pastel, Slim, Stretch, and Mosaic.
  • 6 DIGITAL EFFECTS: Provide expanded digital creative options. Choose from Old Movie, Luminance Key, Flash Motion, Still, Slow Shutter, and Trail.
  • Imaging Device 1/4" , 1070k Gross Pixels CCD (Advanced HAD)
  • Video Actual 690K Pixels
  • Still Actual 1000K Pixels
  • F 1.8-2.2mm
  • LENS TYPE Carl Zeiss® Vario-Sonnar T*
  • f(FOCAL DISTANCE) 4.2-42mm
  • f(35MM CONVERSION) 48-480mm (camera mode)
    40-400mm (memory mode)
  • FOCUSING Full Range Auto/Manual Ring
  • MINIMUM ILLUMINATION 7 Lux (0 with NightShot Infrared System)
  • SHUTTER SPEEDS 1/4-1/4000 (in AE mode)
  • INTELLIGENT FLASH MODE Auto, auto red-eye reduction, forced flash, and no flash
  • COLOR VIEWFINDER Precision Color (180k Pixels)
  • ACCESSORY SHOE Intelligent
  • VIDEO INPUT/OUTPUT Special Mini A/V, S-Video
  • i.LINK DV INTERFACE (IEEE 1394) Yes - bi-directional
  • HEADPHONE JACK Stereo Mini
  • CONTROL L (LANC) TERMINAL Stereo mini-minijack
  • MIC INPUT Stereo Mini (plug-in power)
  • WHITE BALANCE Auto/Indoor/Outdoor/Hold
  • EXPOSURE Auto/Manual Dial (24 steps)
  • OS COMPATIBILITY Macintosh 7.5 to 9.0, and Microsoft Windows® 3.1, Windows® 95, Windows®98, Windows® 98 SE, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional