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Xircom Real Port Modem

Product Specs

Supports 10Base-T and 100Base-TX networks and modem speeds of up to 56 Kbps**
Integrated Connectors
Ethernet Connector: RJ-45
Modem Connector: RJ-11
Telephone Pass-thru: RJ-11
GSM/ISDN/PDC Connector
Physical Characteristics
Type III PC Card
Size: 3.37 x 2.13 x .413 inches (86 x 54 x 10.5 mm)
Weight: 1.3 oz (36 g)
Certification FCC Part 15, FCC Class B, Canada DOC, and CE Mark. Country-specific approvals. UL approved
Ethernet Standards
IEEE 802.3 for 10Base-T
IEEE 802.3u for 100Base-TX
10/20 Mbps full-duplex
Data Modulation

V.90/56Kflex up to 56,000 bps
V.34 up to 33,600 bps
V.32terbo at 19,200 and 16,800 bps
V.32bis at 14,400, 12,000, 9600, 7200 bps, uncoded at 4800 bps
V.32 at 9600 bps uncoded at 4800 bps
V.22bis at 2400 bps V.22 at 1200 bps
V.23 at 1200, 75 bps, Bell 212A at 1200 bps

Fax Modulation

V.17 at 14,400, 12,000, 9600, 7200 and 4800 bps
V.29 at 9600, 7200 and 4800 bps
V.27ter at 4800 and 2400 bps

Fax Support Group 3, EIA/TIA; Class 1 and Class 2
Error Control V.42/MNP Levels 2-4
Data Compression V.42bis (4:1) or MNP Level 5 (2:1)
Command Sets Hayes, Microcom compatible AT commands
Flash Memory 4 Megabits of memory accommodates dual-mode operation for V.90 and 56Kflex
Non-volatile RAM One user-definable profile; up to two 36-digit telephone numbers, LAN adapter ID, and serial number
Hardware Compatibility Supports all popular PC Card compliant PCs with two stacked Type II slots or one Type III slot including AST, Compaq, DEC, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Gateway, IBM, Micron, NEC, Sharp, Texas Instruments, Acer, and Toshiba
Software Compatibility

Card and Socket Services
Supports Card and Socket Services including Award, Phoenix, and SystemSoft

Network Operating Systems Supports all popular network operating systems including Novell NetWare, Microsoft Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Microsoft LAN Manager, Artisoft LANtastic, Banyan VINES, DEC Pathworks, and IBM OS/2