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Integrator 2100T Secure Mobile Office
(Part Number: 2100T-100-1)

Integrator 2100T Secure Mobile Office

Product Description

The Integrator 2100T series Secure Mobile Office is the latest in a long line of secure products from Action Systems Inc, designed to allow the user to operate from anywhere in the world, the 2100T series mobile office provides the tools where mission critical and valuable work-product are required.

Quite simply the 2100T series can connect from anywhere to anywhere, using well tested, proven reliable products integrated into a sealed airline carry-on, rugged waterproof case.

Inside the 2100T case the laptop and combined printer/scanner are built onto a shock isolated tray that also houses the wide range AC and DC power pack which is capable of providing the required supply for all the components. Space is at a premium, and so the lid also houses the M4 Thrane and Thrane CapSat™ Messenger Satellite Terminal, essential to worldwide communications.

The power pack also has a built in UPS, which can deliver up to three (3) hours of continuous use, autonomous from any external supply a must where supplies are often noisy and unreliable or where your only source of power is your vehicle, aircraft or boat etc.

Additional features include a fold out expandable computer docking station and Laptop tray. This provides the expandability to configure the system for your specific mission.

The Integrator 2100T will guarantee you stay operational for longer anywhere in the world with the added reassurance of built-in quality and reliability.

Quick Specs

  • Integrated Laptop, Printer, Scanner and Satellite phone.
  • Operates from a wide Range AC, wide Range DC Supply or up to 3 hours of battery operation.
  • Optional secure Communications with Encryption.
  • Shock Isolated Environmentally Sealed Rugged Airline carry – on Sized Case (9" x 14" x 22").
  • Foldout laptop Docking Station and tray.

pdf Download detailed specifications in PDF format.