Customize Base Configurations

    These spreadsheets will enable you to change our baseline configurations to meet your requirements.  This is intended as a tool to provide you with possible configurations and Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) pricing.  The configurations must be validated by Action Systems to insure that the equipment required will integrate into the cases as you specify.  The ROM pricing gives you a general idea of the cost it may be slightly more or less depending on the current market, amount of integration, and any discounts you are given.    

    By changing the number of items in the quantity (QTY) column, the item cost and configured system cost will change accordingly.  This is the same tool we use to put systems together to meet a customers requirements. 

 ** These spreadsheets are Microsoft Excel format

**Remember! -- if you want to save the configuration you develop you must save the matrix to your local hard disk drive.

Customize the Baseline COTS Configurations

Customize the Baseline Command Center Configurations